Will you return the wallet?

I have been thinking... we consider ourselves the educated and thoughtful section of the population. Therefore, we tend regard votebank politics, shrewd selfish politicians and little personal gains as our pet terms whenever we enter the 'elite' discussions. And I wonder, how do these people get so demonised? How exactly do people like you and me, who talk all the politically correct things, do things as subtly evil as Mr. Arjun Singh is up to?

The reason lies in things deeper than what meets the eye. Lets consider this: you are walking down the road and spot a wallet lying somewhere. Inside, there is a hundred rupee note and the name, address and telephone number of the person who (presumably) owns it. You don't know this guy, you've never met him. So, will you go and return the wallet or are those rupees just God-sent money for you? Close your eyes... no-one, really no-one knows about it. Will you return it? You will? Good!

Lets increase the odds a bit. There is, instead of a hundred, a cool fifty thousand bucks inside that wallet! Will you still return it? Really? And what if you keep finding such wallets all along the way every day? And what if you were supposed to book-keep the people's treasury, no questions asked, no audits done. Will you return it? Come on... nobody will know! Nobody ever knew! Will you not really keep one of them, for a change? If you still honestly think to yourself that you can return all that money, anonymous money, without keeping a single penny for yourself, you have a heart of gold. And you can be a politician.

The point I am trying to make here is that any chair of power is a temptation. And one that is difficult to resist. You reach that point.. have seen people exploiting it for generations, and know that you are immune from any kind of harm. So why not just score a little here? Just a little, sweet-heart... nobody will know!

All of us have used our 'connections' some time or the other, and don't really think too much about it. Like having your uncle in the University to get that admission, or having a brother-in-law in the police to get that driving license on a fast-track mode. This might sound big, but we are not in a true democracy. Because you still think you're blessed if you have shared the classroom with the Chief Minister's son. Because you still believe that the doctor's son should become a better doctor and continue the family clinic! Because you still feel scandalised when someone interprets the scriptures differently.

And it is because we are still the autocracy that people like Arjun Singh can so blatantly flout all diktats of conscience and do what he is doing. Because he thinks that he is the king, the ruler out here! Because he wants the underachievers to hold offices of power, to suck all the good that the 'upper castes' are bringing in and distribute them amongst the 'lower' castes. Because he wishes to let me know that I am a sinner to have been born into an upper caste, and to have been born intelligent at that. And that I must repent, for being the first class, for being a John Galt! Long live mediocrity!!

My personal bow to all doctors for leading the charge! And I wish you all the best... with all my heart! You have proved what a country where over 50% are below 25 should be like! Mr Singh, if at all you are able to 'think' some day, please have reservations based on annual family income and not what caste we belong to. Please return all the wallets which you have stolen!


  1. U put it all correctly ,Sudipta. The problem with us is also that nobody seems to bother whose wallet it is which is lying on the road!! Many would have the intention of returning it, but the pain they have to take to find the person and return it, would prompt them to leave the wallet there itself.Same applies to us when it comes to our country!!Keep up the spirit and join the docs in the protest

  2. Vinod, thanks! I repeat, all kudos to the docs for leading the charge.

    And I thought the caste-system was abolished in India!!

  3. Beautifully written Sudipta.
    True the doctors lead the charge. But as before looks like the effort has gone in vain.

  4. I am back.. Very well written.. N yeah as far as returing the wallet is concerned, I would definitely return it. If not the money, at least the wallet..:-)

    Nice to hear that you have got into Univ of TEXAS..!! keep in touch..

  5. So very true Sudipta.... I wish the person concerned here could read this post. I wonder how these people wake up in the morning and face the mirror.

  6. Wow! That was a real good post! Hope the concerned ppl and the public understand this and save our country from graves before its too late!

  7. Nirmala, thanks a lot! And the battle is not lost yet!

    Jeevan, welcome back. And thanks...

    About the wallet, mujhe aap se yahi umeed thee!! :D

    P.S. - Thanks for the good wishes about Austin!

    Sunshine, yes... even I wish for the same.

    Blade, thanks! And welcome aboard!

    Harini, yes... Amen!

  8. Beautifully penned!

    Yes, doctors have taken a brave stand, and I think they must be not only suppotted, but also applauded for that! And yes, we thought caste system was abolished... what do we know?


  9. Posted this comment on Suyog's post on the same issue. Though it might be relevant here as well !

    I voted last time. The guy whom I voted against wins EVERY time since the past many many years. Everyone knows what he does with government money. I voted against him but still he won with a HUGE majority. A lot of my friends voted against him too. Where DO these politicians manage to gather so many votes? Its pretty clear a large percentage of the voters are the slum dwellers who are promised security for their slums, free booze, employment in small offices etc. in return for their votes. In short, they are bought. You are right, the majority doesnt vote and so they have no say in the government.

    Second issue is that when I voted last time, the guy who was opposing was just as bad. So it happens that a lot of times, all the candidates are no good. Then, what do you do? I read somewhere that a blank vote as a protest can be cast. Is it true? Can someone studying/practicing law confirm this here?

    Why dont we all start some campaign where we can put up banners on our sites/blogs/e-groups which merely say “I Vote” or something like that.


  10. Supremus, yes, well, thanks. Lets see how thigns shape up.

    Twilight Fairy, well, yes, back again, so to say. Will keep posting, though.

    Guns, welcome here! And yes, every word of what you said is relevant, and thought-provoking here. Perhaps you might find this interesting as well:

  11. I think we should take up guns...these people r so callous.U should hv posted ur article on the front page of a newspaper:-)That would have surely helped the docs......If caste distinction is so prominent then the "upper caste" doctors/teachers should not be allowed to treat/teach lower caste citizens!!!what say sudipto?

  12. As usual well written !!
    But one BIG correction the money in wallet for politians is in crores .These days even a small work done by goverment cost them crores no points for guessing where does this money goes.

  13. Bristi, sorry for being so late to reply. Well, you see, guns are not the solution. We need to realise that there are no lower castes! There may be some economically backward... and I have no qualms about reservations for them... but not on the basis that you are forward and I am backward by birth, please!

    Varun, bhai, welcome back. And yes... I should make that crores and not thousands. But well, they own the treasury anyway


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