Ah-em going ter Scotland

Yups... onsite!!
*Claps, dances about, does a jig on the polished floor, tumbles because he cannot control himself, squeals and shouts 'Yay-yay-yayyyy'!!*

Yes, dear reader, yours truly is going onsite to Scotland, Edinburgh. Prerona, if you are reading this, please check your hotmail and gmail mailboxes and let me know when you will be back. I am scheduled to fly on the night of the 18th of January (yes, it is that close), British Airways. This assignment is supposed to last till the end of March, and so I hope to taste a very cold UK Winter in the 2-3 months in the time that I am there. While I am all kicked about going there, let me tell you what has been happening here in the past few weeks.

After I was asked to submit my passport's and other information, the sudden feeling of "Yess!! I'm going onsite" grabbed me. Initially, 6 people were asked to submit the documents and we were told that any one or two people would be sent. So, all of us here were a bit apprehensive. After some time, it turned into 'everybody is going onsite'. Silently, a feeling of cheer spread through the entire team... you could see different people planning to do different things. Edinburgh is reputed to have the highest number of pubs per square mile in Europe, and therefore all the five others (except me) started scouring the net for the best brands available. And because I don't drink, I enjoy the company of boozing friends the most... you never know, what tumbles out ;) Add to that the botanical gardens there, the forts, the world-famous art galleries... whee!! I am going to enjoy my 2-3 months trip as a grand paid vacation :D

The order of people who will be travelling onsite was being decided, and another friend and I were scheduled to be the first to be on a flight. However, it soon appeared that if both travelled together, one set of activites on the project would be halted. Therefore, I am going to lead from the front, and have been chosen to be the 'First of the Mohicans' to go there. I start from here on the 18th night (actually 2:00 o'clock in the morning on 19th IST), and reach there on 19th (GMT) within 10:00 in the morning. So the flight of 12 hours essentially comes down to 8 hours of official time. Ah... I am so eager to get jet-lagged :)

Now, here is the best part of the story --- I land there on a Thursday morning, settle down the entire day, and then go to the office on Friday to get my desktop setup, ids created, etc. Once through, I am not supposed to do any work on Friday, am on leave on Saturday and Sunday, and join work on Monday! So how'z that for a glorious start to an onsite trip?? :)

I have been on a shopping spree lately. Blazers, suits, formal trousers, shirts, ... even got a leather jacket restored. The only things pending here are gloves, woollen innerwear, and some other little things. And my mother has been very happy about the buying part of the story --- she knows that I rarely go shopping for myself unless everything is worn out :) She has been all the more excited about my going onsite. But there is just one problem: she has just found a new way of getting herself tensed, and constantly keeps worrying about what will happen as I go alone, who will look after me, who takes care of me, and stuff like that. If you have lived out of your home for some time, you know what I mean. But as of now, she is pacified... I have promised to call her as soon as I reach the place. I have assured her that her son will not be lost in the land of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond ;)

P.S.: As Sweet Alien has been insisting, this a birthday-special post from me. Never had a better birthday gift, I must say! :D


  1. Now if this is not great news , what issss !! Happy birthday bhai :)

  2. Hey, happy birthday! And I believe scotland is beautiful ... and a drive around the lakes is amazing! Enjoy yourself (and remember to work also :))

  3. Abhinav, thanks, bhai!! :) This is absolutely great news!

    Shruthi, yeah it is indeed beautiful, posted the snaps now. And work!! Umm... whats that??

  4. Happy birthday!!! Congratulations and celebrations!! Have fun and dont forget to post regularly. Must say your blog is getting better by the day.

  5. Anumita, thanks a lot, dear! I plan to have loads of fun and also plan to post as much as I can from there.

    Long time no see from your end. But thanks a real lot for the compliment about the blog... next year Indibloggies award nomination? What say? :D

  6. hello! thank god I came here - totally accidental ... maane, i rejoined work today (yes, i am back) and am still swamped and no net at home - so total acciedent that i blogrolled today and that i saw this post :)

    no net at home so wont be able to access hotmail, gmail etc. mail me at work id - pmukherjee @ scoteq . co . uk

    let me know ur flight times and if you want me to go pick u up? project theke keo london jaabe aante na nije nije aashbi? ja taaka debe settling allowance e make sure you have some in (pounds) small notes and coins for the airport. Carry 2 sets of clothes in ur cabin bag incase ur baggage is delayed - we have all faced this in this sector - get enough in ur handbaggage to last a day or two. dont bring any cooked food - aaj kaal khub problem korchhe airport e.

    mail me. :)

  7. Abey Ullu!
    Your mom seems too innocent... "who is goinna take care of my bachu??" aaanh??

    Saaala... don't go there are "produce" a bachha!


  8. sudipta :

    happy birthday(belated ?). and all the best wishes for your onsite stay. Europe is a beautiful place. Trust me , one who stays in europe never feels great about the US. So enjoy the beautiful world of europe.
    ofcourse, do tell us some juicy stories of desis and the locals there.
    Britishers have a good sense of humour, so expect some tid-bits from them too.


  9. Prerona, "yayy, Prerona is back!!" :)

    You know, it was no accident that you checked your mailbox and blogroll today --- Bloggers find queer ways of meeting :)

    Don't worry about picking me up --- London theke connecting flight aachhe, Edinburgh-teo placard niye lok thakbe (around 11:00 a.m. on 19th).

    Thanks for the pointers regarding the cabin baggage and stuff. No cooked food --- only masalas :)
    I'll mail to you for sure! :D Thanks a lot

  10. Juggernaut, Ullu bhai, my mom is not what you suppose --- just that her natural motherly concerns keep coming up. When you go for the US shores, you'll know :)

    And don't worry, no 'bachcha'-s there :)

    Anil, thanks! I also am looking forward to this trip so much.

    Juicy stories, eh? :D Ok, I will try.

  11. hey gr8 news... nice to hear tht u r leaving for scotland.. enjoy ur trip.. have a nice time..

  12. I never wished "Happy Birthday" to anyone without taking a treat first..;)

    And BTW I hate good-byes (Remember Dumb n Dumber :D )

  13. Scotland?!
    Have a nice time!
    And please get something for me!!

    I'm that small kid pulling your shirt... while you are the seth!the scottish seth!

  14. Jeevan, thanks a lot! And thanks for the birthday wishes as well, even if they are belated.

    Sajid, I know, unquite understand ;) As of now, your treat has to be mental.

    Nikhil, oye! Chal-bhag!! :D

    Now that small kid is gone... ok, we will see what we can get for folks @ college.

  15. Hey great news! Best of luck and have a great time! And of course keep posting.
    Take care!

  16. Pehle tho Happy Birthday.

    Next, congratulations.

    Now scotland as my friend tells me is a good place to be ... err.. umm in Winter :D - since u are there @ the right time, u should also do some skiing too. Also visit other european countries - yes yes, I am talking too much here hehehe...

    Also visit Switzerland nearby - and you mussssst come back with photographs of valleys and lakes where all our heroes and heroines run from one end to meet in middle and embrace.!!

    Hehheh - Enjoy your trip dude - it should lots of fun!!!



  17. Pranced in by way of Pre...and I might add, "I am so totally, totally jealous!!" It's not that I don't want you to have a good time or anything like that, it's just, gee whizzzz I sure wish it was me! So dear one, if you do not have one exceedingly great time, I am going to..., well just imagine the worst!!
    Safe flight to you!!

  18. Hey, happy birthday! Say hi to Nessie for me while you are there.

  19. I am sorry, junta, I cannot reply to all of you individually. I am safe and sound in here. New post about the flight and all coming soon.

  20. Sad...U don't drink!!!! Anyway .. Happy Birthday.. 2 good news here... i) after a 8 years of 'dual boot' completely shifted to Ubuntu..and enjoying to the fullest..ii) we have birthdays in the same month (ha..ha..ha!!!)

  21. Ahh... finally I got some time.
    Manasi, whew! Thanks! I am already having a great time :)

    Supremus, yeah, the place looks fantastic. Skiing, Switzerland?? :)) If we people who are here decide to go to all those places, I am sure our project will come to a standstill.

    Peg, I am so scared!! ;) Ok-ok, I am having a great time already. Read about that on my next post! BTW, welcome aboard!

    Professor Hijibijbij, umm... yeah she is on my weekend itenary for sure! :)

    Ritwik, umm... I think am quite well off without a glass of Rum in hand :) But about the good news.. you are right, Ubuntu rocks! And a Happy Birthday (advance, belated, whatever) to you!!

  22. Hey Sudipta dude! Good Blog man.
    Came across yours on Rashmi Bansal's JAM advertisement post thingy...
    Anyway, i had a question for u...

    how have u managed to make the formatting of your blogpage so wide?
    Mine at the following address...

    always has a narrow centre panel...
    sorry to post this in your comments section, but could not find ur email address!


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