Shuddering sunshine

This post is actually meant to be read only after you have read this, on sunshine's blog. I suggest you do that first. Now this post is, I suppose, is what the 'teenaged' boy should be thinking all this while... and I am trying to give you a view from the other side of the fence, that is.

"Ahh... there she comes. Yeah-yeah, she calls herself sunshine, but I guess jumping shadow would be a better name for her. Anytime, when you see her tantrums, her fights with classmates, or even you imagine how she walks, the first idea that comes to your mind is a female version of Fido-dido from 7'up. Bungling-bubbling-sweet-screaming-lanky shadow of a girl. And guess what, she used to be the source of my daily dose of laughter when I was alive. I used to wait in this corridoor... and stand like a statue, waiting for her to pass. Sometimes, I used to pass her at the gate, sometimes I followed her to the rooms... and had to try really hard to suppress my laughter while my eyes gleamed with the pleasure of anticipation. I guess she caught me smiling at times and staring at her; and like most girls, she imagined that I was shy to go up to her and speak. Wonder what she would have thought if she had found me in peals of laughter after that.

Yes, I used to be alive. Now I am dead. How did I die? Well, actually saw her running one day. And that was too much for me. I laughed and laughed. And kept laughing. Laughed till I could breathe no more. Then I again imagined her running... and well, choked. :(

But I do not regret that happening. You see, she is back here. Ahh... she seems to have seen me and stopped in her tracks. He-he... look at her --- she looks stunned. Lets play some tricks, shall we? ;) I whisper in her ear. She looks around, surprised! Little does she know that when we ghosts speak, you cannot hear it in your ear but you hear it in your head. Ok, lets blow a little breeze. Oh-hoho-ho... look at her as she frantically turns around and tries to find me. Almost looks like a dog chasing its tail :) Whew... this is turning out to be more fun than what it started with!!

Now a really wicked idea is grabbing me >:)) So can we have a 'little' laugh? Of course... nobody wants to miss a chance like that. Do you think ghosts can die? Ummm... I don't think so. But we can find out. Shall we? So here we go. In I go into her head and scream, "goooo-eeyyyy!!!". Whoa! She scampers off like a singed cat [ROFL]. Mu-haha aahaa.. she is running once again. Oh, look at her. She ignores everyone else in the corridoor who turns to give her a what-just-happened look. Oh... she runs once again! And I laugh... laugh, laugh, laugh... but I cannot die any more. Ha-ha ha... I will wait here everyday for her to come by again!! Bloooo... ha ha haa..... ha ha ha ha ha.....


  1. Oh, but that was not meant the way you thought it was!!!

  2. Sunshine, yes, I know that. Anyone with any little sensibility will be able to tell that. But, as you understand, kya karen, control nahi hota :P

  3. Revenge was his reply..:D
    A very sweet torment...

  4. Hey sudipta too good....the way u have placed it makes it really that juicy to read and re-read it again and again :D :D...

  5. Oindrilla, :D

    The precise intended effect...

    Thanks :)

  6. ha ha ha... sweet post to charge me up for the morning work...


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