My article published!!

My article gets published on Linux For You!! :)

The article, in brief, is about games on Linux. As the editor sums it up,

"• The Penguin at Play!

While gaming isn’t exactly the forte of the Linux operating system, there are scores of great games available for the platform that are sure to keep you absorbed for hours.

Well, if you do read it, tell me how much inclined you felt to go check out a few games on Linux.


  1. So art you the 'Penguin' at play??

    Ullu bana penguin?
    heee heeee kiddin

  2. Well, Sudipta, as you've clearly highlighted Linux does offer a plethora of gaming options!
    Being hooked to Mandrake, I kill time on kolf, GTali, Kpoker and KMines!
    I think Q3 and DOOM III are forces to reckon with for gamers in Linux esp. the ppl who enjoy FPS.

  3. Juggernaut, yes, ullu bana penguin. I am more at work these days than at play.

    Vivekanand, thanks!! :) Yes, Kmines is also good. Never played Q3 and Doom, though... somehow I like to kill the adversary after some deal of planning than going on a shooting spree.

    Parna, Gee! Thanks :)

  4. Sudipta, congratulations on getting your article published. Feels great doesn't it, to see your words in print? :)

  5. Evenstar, believe me, it feels great... almost euphoric. But well, it is just a start... have 2 others lined up. We will see ;)

  6. Congratulations! Though these things are totally out of my league.

  7. Sunshine, yes, thanks. Out of your league? I don't think so. Did you ever try sending one of your articles to the folks at some magazine?

  8. Out of your league? I don't think so. Did you ever try sending one of your articles to the folks at some magazine?

    Well I do have to agree with Sudipta in this regard, as I don't think we take the effort to Jot down our ideas.

  9. Vivekanand, yups... so are you planning to jot down your ideas in the near future?

  10. Well, I am enjoying various games on Linux (mainly Redhat & Mandrake) since 1996 and my 5 year old son has joined me 2 years back..Well done Sudipto...look forward to more artice from you..I do get LFY regularly..

  11. Ritwik, glad to hear that! And welcome aboard. Will check your place now.

  12. Hmmm...
    I thought I could keep a secret!!


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