I am a poster boy!!

I am a poster boy!! The next time Accenture India visits your campus for recruitment, you will see one slide in the PPT which will be the same as the one you see above. As you can see, the handsome dashing dude is me, and yes, believe me, the quote is also my own. I am, in fact, one among the four people chosen across India, one representative of each end of the map. There is one guy from NIT Surathkal, one lady from BIT Mesra, one dude from IIT Roorkee, and finally me, from NIT Surat. I represent the West... now, didn't I tell you that I am a true western dude??

Ok, ok... I know that was a long braggadocio. But couldn't help it. After all, it is not everyday that you get a chance to brag like that... kya karoon, control nahi hota. Never mind, if you get to meet me, you will be the one gushing about me. Hee-hee, I know what comments are coming.

About the quote: well, although that might seem like a big ad campaign, trust me it is true. Right now, I know a thousand ways how not to build a data warehouse. I know why the process of paying commissions to insurance agents by the company is such a pain. I also know how it feels to sit 28 hours straight at the computer and then come back the next day to find out that the requirements have changed. So far so good. Some other opportunities of my bragging are coming up... keep your fingers crossed! :)


  1. Lucky man you :-) And you are indeed looking cool!

  2. >> the handsome dashing dude is me,
    Filmo me try kyon nahee karte..I'm sure RGV has some tailor made role for you...:P
    Just kidding...

    >> Lucky man you ..
    Yeah lucky you...I dont work for accenture..;)

  3. Hmm... I must admit that you look different from what I imagined you to look like. Hahah...

  4. Hey Sudipta,
    Great going!! I just saw your blog. Gimme your number yar

  5. sbk, Gee! Thanks :)

    Manish, hey! Thanks...

    Corleone, RGV ko mana kar diya maine... don't play in small markets

    And I'm lucky, otherwise your photo would have been there beside, with the caption, "Before - after: Accenture makes a difference"

    Hari, welcome back, man! I don't look that nerdy, do I?

    Aroopda, hellooo!!! Long time no see. Left you an offline message.

  6. Wow! congrats man. representing the west for an mnc like Accenture is indeed a big deal.

  7. This is cool bhai ! Ive had my name in the paper over some little quote a couple of times , but a photograph wala poster at a national level.man , i guess i wud go n kill manmohan singh now.front page.color photograph.here i come.

  8. look..... munnu is already drooling. He has just bought something from the IIMC campus. It's called a soap.

  9. Parna, thanks! Big deal of course ;)

    Abhinav, all the best! Or maybe you could come and meet me to get your photo clicked!

    Sunshine, umm... I think munnu will better answer that!

  10. Congratulations Sudipta :-) Way to go!

  11. hey sudipto da
    thts really cool..........
    comp dude to a poster boy........
    go on make some more posters.

  12. Thennavan, thanks man... way to go me too thinks :)

    Sayantan, you meant comp nerd, didn't you? :) Thanks anyway... posters coming.

  13. Phatichar, thanks man...

    Sayesha, hey! First of all, welcome to this place. And second, thanks :)

  14. Untill now,i thought u were a girl...wow...this is a shocker...anyways...i hope u have a better professional life where u dont end up wasting 28 hours straigt on work which is being flushed down the drain.

  15. Cool Man!!!
    Will look forward to see your pic in campuses ......

  16. btw just took the nerd test...I just missed by 1 point....got a 94 supreme nerd

  17. Sushmit, welcome to this place, and thanks, of course!
    Kay, hee-hee, that happens for many. Never mind, and thanks for the good wishes.
    Aniket, hey! sure... tell the HR that you know me and you will be selected for sure! Just kidding ;) All the best

  18. Aniket, dekha, baap ka bhi baap hota hai :)

  19. Hello sir,
    Congratulations for the 'poster boy' fame! I hope life's swell. Please let me know whether the memories of this weird place called SVNIT campus have mollified over time?

  20. Vikas, hey! Did not know that you too had a blog! Welcome aboard, and of course, thanks :)

    The memories have not mollified. They are still fresh. And I do not wish to lose them in a hurry.

    Be in touch


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