How do you celebrate?

What are the different occasions when you burst crackers? Diwali, Ok. India winning a match, Ok. And maybe some other festivals, like the current bout of Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations here. Essentially, the crackers are supposed to celebrate, right? And if they cause grief? My friend (colleague) Kunal was driving home yesterday and on his bike and an airborne cracker exploded quite close to his eyes, causing some 'barood' (gunpowder) to enter his eyes, and leading to swelling, reddening, and bed-rest for at least a couple of days. And the worst part is that he had to drive his bike amidst crowded streets for another half-hour (with one eye shut) before he could reach a doctor. I really got chills after hearing that... Kunal, please get well soon.

I was wondering... how do we celebrate things? Do we ever think that the way we are celebrating may cause problems to others? Are we careful at all? I have seen people using any water, be it an acid factory waste or sewer-puddles or anything as the base for colouring others in Holi. Is it plain stupidity or lack of awareness or what? How exactly are you supposed to be told that please don't bang your drums near the hospital, or maybe please don't litter in the park after you've done with your picnic? I kind-of think that Singapore style whiplashes or $50 fines per offence will do a world of good here. The question is, will the right guy be punished?


  1. True, all festivities can get very dangerous.. I hardly ever burst crackers at Diwali..just the simple anaar, chakri, phooljhadi as a token. This is due to similar mishaps in our own family. Rockets have misfired several times.

    Abt your 'aap'/'aapni' comment, well my main problem is calling out to that time I need to use a name or a salutation or something.. I normally use "aap" most of the time anyway..

  2. maybe we have to draw a balance betw being careful and having fun and maybe it applies to all of life, in general ... what say?

    incidentally why so many TOEFL links?

  3. to think abt it! but, one has to be careful at such places where crackers r burnt, bcoz its impossible to stop the frolic all around! right? also, u seem to be very harsh monarch! "monarch --- kisiki bathein nahin maanthe!" just kidding... for ur ideas of punishment in India similar to those in Singapore!

  4. Hmmm, celebrating and civic sense don't go hand in hand, in India at least :) In fact, celebrating and any kind of sense don't go hand in hand, be it plain common sense, a sense of safety or anything else.. celebrate. Shout from rooftops. Express yourself, cleanliness, safety, environment be damned. But I guess, in a country so diverse in cultures and practices, where do you begin drawing the line? Religion and practicality...uh huh, don't think so..At least not for the next 100 years :)

    Thought provoking post...:)

  5. Twilight Fairy, well... actually that is not what I suggest. I like bursting crackers myself... or even throwing them, but not at some passerby.

    About the question on your blog.. well, need to think :)

    Prerona, yeah, that is what I hope most of us realise.

    The TOEFL links are here on popular demand :)

    Kiran, hey! welcome here... I don't want to stop the frolic... just that people should be more careful.

    Me a monarch?? Oh sure... :D

    Phatichar, thanks, man... and what you say is true. Any step can be interpreted in a thousand ways and a religious angle brought in

  6. By the wat, everybody.. Kunal is OK and in the office now

  7. oh i dont burst crackers... they r a waste of money.
    i dont play holi... the colours aint really skin friendly.

    but i do have other destructive ways of celebrating... trust me :D

  8. Hmm...merry-making and festivities need to be limited to a certain extent.There are laws regarding their control,but are not well executed.Accidents do happen,but they cannot dampen the spirit of enjoyment but we should be cautious of other's loss and harm!

  9. Kay, precisely my thoughts, yes... BTW, welcome to my place... will check yours soon

  10. Hey sudipta ur blogs are really nice.I read them some times but this is the first time that am leaving a comment.U are a good writer.I do agree with u tht people shd be more careful with crackers.I personally dont use them as a means of celebration.

  11. Oindrilla, thanks, and welcome... do hope to see you around more now :)

    I am not against using crackers to celebrate, but I am against people doing things recklessly with them.


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