Frustrations of lost connections

This must have happened to you some time or the other: you settled down after a loooong time, all set and ready to surf and play. You boot your machine, login, and then check your blog, or maybe check mail. Then once you are in the mood, you start typing away a real juicy mail or start ranting on your blog about a particularly hilarious or touchy topic you wanted to write about and have been planning for some time. After about 15-20 minutes, you have finished typing, you go through the mail or post once or twice, tweaking a word here, changing indent there... and then you hit "Send" or "Publish post". And voila! "This page cannot be displayed". Connection lost!!

You get desperate, you frantically hit the "Back" button on your browser window, and pray all the time that all should not be lost. You have never been this desperate, and never prayed like this, from the innermost recesses of your heart. And when the page finally loads, there is the compose box, clean as a sheet, with all that you had typed this long, ...... G O N E !! >:) Wicked, isn't it?

How do you feel then? You have nobody to curse, nobody to swear at, and nobody who can actually tell you that it is ok, because it is NOT OK!! You feel as if you were cheated, as if you were swindled out of a cheap bargain. You can do anything just then; you can bang your head on the table, you can tear hair out of your head, you can even kick that god-damned waste paper basket out of the window, if that could relieve some of the pain. Pain, ah yes, pain!!! You want to punish yourself desperately, and punish yourself really hard because there isn't anybody else to be punished. Ewwwhhh... if only you could blame that on anybody.

Hee hee... whenever that happens to you next time, remember that I, Sudipta Chatterjee, will be laughing at you ;)


  1. He he he. What an emotion! Once I felt that way. But I have grown smarter. Before making any post, I copy it in a notepad for break up! So I know, you won't be lauging at me !

    But really well written!

  2. Manish, yes, that is the only way out... but you must be patience (or maybe energy) personified to be able to first type things in a notepad and then copy that into the blog :)

    BTW, thanks for the compliment(?) !

  3. shit man,that happened to me today!and don't you dare laughing at me...but even if you do what can i do?!!

  4. Type out ur stuff offline first..and then you may have the reason to laugh at the quirks of the net..!!

  5. Mr. Quirk, haha ha ahaa... god bless the net connection at the college :)

    Twilight Fairy, I seriously cannot do that... looks like too much of an effort to me :(

  6. *LoL* I must admit, it'd happened to me too quite a few times. But after that, I've gotten smarter! Now just before I click the Send button or Publish or whatever button I'm supposed to press, I just press Ctrl+A & Ctrl+C consecutively. Absolutely no pain in the a** to do this much. That ways, if I ever at all need to type again, all I do is Ctrl+V. This's almost become a habit these days. Writing mails and blogs etc first offline and then pasting it again seems to be too much pain to me too!!

    Anyways, cheers to you, Sudipta. Hope you grow your hair back soon ;-)

  7. Shayon, yes... that is a decent idea. I guess even I can do that. BTW, my hairs have indeed grown back; I was bald for just one month... just kidding ;)

  8. Write it in Word or something...that way spell-check etc can be used conveniently...SAVE IT. Then copy-paste to your blog.

    You save on online-time too...

  9. If I tell you how many times this has happened to me then they'll have to put you in the asylum for laughing so much...still i know its easy to copy paste etc etc...but thats for boring people...i still curse, kick and assure myself that the next time i'll be more careful...but alas..will be happy to make someone laugh though.. you can laugh at me coz i was laughing at you as i was reading the post..

  10. Shayon, ;)

    Gratisgab, that is an idea... but I am just too lazy for that.

    Goan Pao, there... I finally have a victim who confesses. Well, we can laugh mutually :)

  11. Good words indeed, and that reminds me, ever heard of MS Word? Once you have typed it, a simple Copy-Paste job doesn't hurt much. Or simple still, write the blog in piecemeals and keep saving it. Anything preferable to losing the whole thing entirely. And I gave you all the good advice free of cost so that you would take my side in the 3rd World War that has already started and is being fought using planes and trains.

  12. Sunshine, yes, I have heard of that... but I am too lazy for that. I rather like Shayon's idea, and will stick to that. Your piecemeal wala idea reminds me of the days when we used to code in our comp lab... kisi bhi waqt connection jaa sakti hai.

    About your third world war.. Let me find out the details and then I'll post accordingly... cannot pledge support without looking at the cause :)

  13. type it out in WORD man.. WORDD UP!!

    i do that... it lets you think away and vent and you wont lose anything~

  14. Grafxgurl, yeah, thanks... will try that out if Shayon's idea doesn't work

  15. ehhllo..

    thanz for being at my page..
    went through a few of ur previous posts.. and man.. u have a GRE bank here.. im plannin to go for GRE soon enough and u sure came in at a right time..
    can i have ur IM..?? on yahoo IM im available on shreyas_36
    lemme know..

    and of the export quality stuff..?? hehe.. dude.. if all beautiful girls are export quality.. boss apnaa yaha kya hoga..??

    ehh id back.. cos there sure seems a lot of fodder on GRE here and u sure have rocked ur exams..!!
    wishes for ur further procedures..!!

  16. Me,hi and welcome... droppped you an offline message there.. check out

    All the best for your GRE, etc. I will try to help you if I can.

  17. Dont know if there is one of us who didnt have that happen!
    Ya I kick and curse, u go ahead and laugh. Next time, I will be careful.
    I will try Shayon's Alt A and C sometime.
    Happens in Yahoo mail and my institution email sometimes..its terrible. This time I was going back and forth in Yahoo and was able to retrieve most of it, 4-5 windows either way.

  18. cme_9, Hi and welcome... well, yes, another one I can be laughing at :)

    By the way, could not reach your place... your profile is blocked. Drop me a link here next time

  19. now thats not an isolated incident.i remember once i sat and copied a picture and wrote volumes and volumes.satisfied with my work and the pic i clicked on post and guess internet connection was broken. like u i scrambled back just to find all erased aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!.i didnt blog after that for two weeks.

  20. Stallion, yeah.. and I am all grins :D


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