Scored 240- 297 range on the TOEFL

Hello everybody,

I took my TOEFL this Saturday and was given a score range of 240- 297 on it. All questions were answered correctly by me... except one in the listening section. The essay was well-written, and I am expecting about 280-290 on the final score-card, out of 300. Ok, I can already hear some questions coming... so here are your answers:

First of all, it is very easy. Please don't be tensed or imagine something about it --- if you can clear a Class VII English question paper on Grammar, you can clear almost everything. The RCs are damn easy... Class VII- VIII standard, believe me. And the best part is that you can go back and double-check your answers. If you write correct English, I think you should get 90% of the Structure correct as well. If not, maybe a little brushing up from Wren and Martin or a daily dose of some newspaper (not necessarily the Editorial section) should help.

For the Listening section, I'd advise you to watch some English movies, preferably the ones made in the UK, because their accent is clearer and that is what it sounds like (at least according to me) on the test sections. Any favourite movies? Well, you could start with the Matrix Trilogy Finally, about the essays. Well, practice, once again, please. And better get hold of some good phrases, some real mushy-gushy and good English. I think they appreciate clarity and lucidity in the essays... so please just chug along, I'd say. Anyway here they are not testing your analytical skills... they just want to see your English.

Now, about the books. Honestly, I did not buy a single book for the test. There are great online resources, and I'll resend my set of bookmarks for you here. I even had some good listening material here:
Xap Student Center
ACT, GRE, SAT, Free Test Prep from (with Redesign).
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JSTOR - The Scholarly Journal Archive
So guys all the best!



  1. aaaah...a man of great preparation! Glad it has been going well for you. Where do you intend to apply in the US? Engineering?
    PS: You should allow comments from other bloggers as well!

  2. What a complete info. I am sure it will help many others.

    Best of luck for the results. Not that you need them :-)

  3. Tan, Thanks! :)

    Princess, thanks!! Yep, engineering... computer science, to be specific. I will allow anonymous comments soon. Thanks for visiting.

    Manish, Thanks, man... I just wish I could have laid my hands on the set when I had started preparing.

  4. Hiya there Sudipta,
    Good luck with the applications! It is a tough phase but the fruits are very sweet! May you soon be part of the Indian bloggers in the US category!
    Hope you will get to spend Pujoswith your family this year!
    PS: I notice you allowed comments by everyone-brilliant!

  5. Princess, and you can see what happens when you allow anonymous comments :(( And another :(( because I cannot visit my parents this Puja

  6. way to go, sudipta!! now this is what i call excelling! awesome!
    now that i finally managed to bring myself to commiting d onforgivable offense of tunneling, i thought it best to pay ur blog a visit! and i think i shud drop by more often for tips from a great personality like u;)! all d best, dude! waiting to hear abt ur performance

  7. Smartalec, thanks a ton... great personalities like me?? :) I will blissfully assume that that was a compliment ...

  8. Hi Smartalec,
    Yeah that was a mis-directed compliment indeed for...what a great "personality" our dear Sudipta is...u will come to know if u spend 4 years with him in a hostel like I did...any guesses who Sudipta?

  9. awesome score i guess hard work really pays off

  10. awesome score i guess hardwork really pays off ..:)
    can u please give my toefl test ? just joking...:)
    best of luck for future

  11. I am quite sure that this was illad... or mebbe dubey >:)

  12. Nishad, Thanks man... your test me again?? Duh, I am not sure you'll want that :) Anyway welcome here.. will review your essay on your blog ;)

  13. hai sudipta...that u done an great job
    thank you for you information..that will help us a lot
    "all the best for your best future"

  14. wow,, awesome, well congrats, hardwork pays off, would like to see some more tips of scoring high in gre.
    all the best for u future.

  15. wow,, awesome, well congrats, hardwork pays off, would like to see some more tips of scoring high in gre.
    all the best for u future.

    with regards

  16. Hello there. I am so glad i came across your blog. My name is Nasir Abdulsalam and i am from Nigeria. I will be taking the GRE and TOEFL within the same week in december. So you can imagine how glad i am to find what i will call a library of preparatory materials. Thanks once again. I will visit your blog more often. I will creat one myself soon.

  17. Kishore, thanks, pal... I will try and come up with new things once I am through with my applications

    Nasir, Yipppeeee... !! Now I am famous internationally!! :) Just kidding, man... I am glad I was of help. All the best!!


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