Miss you, sister

My sister went off to the North Carolina State University, Charlotte. I had gone to see her off, from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. And the set of emotions which I was experiencing then at the airport was simply numbing by its sheer variety.

First of all, it was definitely sadness. I enjoyed talking to her, especially when your chips are down or you haven't had someone to tease, irritate or share a little banter for some days. I am also going to miss her gyaans, her graphology lessons, and of course the way she reacts when you do something out-of-the-blue. We will be in touch on our mails, but then, talking on the phone or face to face is a different matter altogether.

Next, it was happiness. She had fought many odds to be able to finally go to foreign shores for further studies. When I had talked to her earlier, she seemed confused, puzzled, undecided, all at the same time. And add that to a thousand other woes of a girl, and you begin to understand what she had finally come to on that day.

Ah, again, it was sadness... not because of her, but because of the number of people leaving shores that day. I saw at least three others, one for OSU, another for KSU, someone else for somewhere else. I was just plain sad not to have joined the party this year... next year, I told myself.

But I was also glad at the same time. Why? Because of the innumerable girls I saw --- both foreign and desi (export quality, of course). It is a definite treat to the eyes, I assure you. If you are plain bored some day and want to hang out with friends all night... that is the place :)

No rona-dhona, no big sentimental dialogues. My sister was off in a 'normal' manner. We left only after her plane took off, but then the wait seemed worth its while. I really will miss you a lot!


  1. it is touching, u need to let your dear ones go to realise their full potential

  2. All the best to your sister! (so is this an 'independence' post or a 'rakhi' post ;-)..

    BTW i used to sport a friendship band loooong before KKHH ever came into the scene.. in fact by then I had stopped wearing it..coz I guess like you, i started feeling that I dont need to reassure my friends of their friendship.. esp not by tying a piece of something on my wrist as if i was their 'property'..

  3. ok before i say anything let me tell u about me.. i am an(other) engineering student looking to go abroad for higher studies after i finish my studies next year... so firstly congratulations to your sister.. nestxt could u tell what subject is she studying and how did she finaaly choose the given university? pls its extremely important for me...

  4. Uma, yes, I too was very sad that day.

    Twilight Fairy, long time no see! I can now see that my Gk is very poor, but believe me I am glad that you dropped it. :)

  5. Gaurav, good wishes accepted on behalf of my sister :) For the GRE and stuff, well, you could start with some Yahoo groups, some Kaplan or Barrons books and of course, http://www.i20fever.com

    All the best!

  6. Yes I know, it feels sad. But don't worry. You will make it too :-)

  7. touching expressions.... To remind you tomorrow is rakshabandhan :)

  8. Manish, it was sad, yes. And thanks for the good wishes! Hope that comes true :)

    Shashi, yeah, I know. I even got her advance Rakhi on that day.

  9. thanks for the wishes all you guys and to you too sudipto...
    i m really missing you here.. but tht doesnt mean i m going to post a similar post on my blog :P
    hoping tht next yr you ll be here so that you can resume your endless banter about life :D


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