The Return of the Jedi

Huff... puff... and a thousand other such exclamations later, I am back. Before I launch into a detailed narrative of what I have been doing this long, let me give you all the good news: I scored 1500 on the GRE (and the test is out of 1600, for the uninitiated). That was last weekend on Friday. Today, as I type, I am supposed to go for my GRE, but the Marwah house where the test centre is in Mumbai seems to be drowned, and so it has been rescheduled for 20th August. Till then, therefore, I am here.

Ah, folks, let me just thank all of you here for all your good wishes. Everybody who visited, said I'll fare well, wished the best of luck to me... thank you!! I cannot tell you well how I have controlled myself, have been swearing at self-imposed chains and fetters, and how I have squeezed myself into this recluse. I missed all of you, your tales, your messages, your comments, your chains of discussions. This has been a trying time for me... not visiting the favourite haunts, not commenting, doing nothing... just read, read, and practice. How I prepared, what I did... it is all coming in some other couple of posts. I will be commenting on your blogs, just to let you know that I am back ;)


  1. Hey Sudipta,
    What are the odds of both of us using the same title to announce our return :) Congratulations on wonderful score(although am confused whether u have give the exam or going to give it.Guess one of them might be GMAT instead of GRE).All the Best and thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hey Sudipta...jiju here, congrats on that wonderful score! Marooned here at Pune @ cts....anyways great going!

  3. Sudipta 1500 is just awesome, so what are the plans MIT??...great going I am sure u will do great in GMAT of luck..


  4. 1500 is a rocking score. congrats. what're you gonna do after you ace the GMAT?

  5. Ramchi,
    Did you also use the same title?? Great minds think alike, I guess. BTW, I have already appeared for the GRE and will go for the TOEFL on 20th August. NO GMAT. Thanks for dropping by, anyway.

    Thanks a lot! So you're in Pune? Nice to hear that. Chalo all the best... be in touch

    MIT people don't even look at the GRE scores, I think. No GMAT, but I think I will take your good wishes for the upcoming TOEFL. Thanks a lot, buddy!

    Thanks for the compliments, and double thanks for dropping by. Err.. after the TOEFL I think I will go to Uncle Sam for my PhD... and hopefully will be in someplace interesting after that :)

  6. Whoooa! 1500? Paardy? :)

  7. J, Thanks a lot for dropping by! Paardy?? :O Where are my gifts? ;)


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