The monk who was to go to heaven, concluded

The story so far: A monk died and went to heaven, but has not yet been able to go in because there are reservations for the non-general people. Finally he is asked to quit his berth from among the last 10% available.

Hermit: Oh yes, God, I think I will be happier in hell. I am sure you sent others like me to hell as well. People who have mattered, people who have done your work and those who have been working this long for their brethren are there, right? So I will be happily off to hell, while let others enjoy heaven. Of course the cynics will always say that it was we who built this heaven, who made it possible. But then, we are going out of our way to help those who did nothing! It was us who have been able to bring together the communities so far, but now that the others who did not move a fig are here to reap the benefits, let us go to hell and see to it that things keep working. Thanks a lot, O God, ... Oh, to hell with us!!


  1. is this supposed to be a sad story or did i not get the joke?

  2. Umm.. actually set out originally to make a sad story, later on decided to get all p(f)un in the picture, and finally mumbled out what I thought was remaining to complete the chaos. :) Guess I will need to improve my skills a bit.

  3. oh well i was going to say ...just that..but seemed quite an obvious answer....
    how abt this: hermit kills one of the angels who by unfaithful means are occupying place in heaven and then go to hell thereby rendering another service to humanity..

    actaully when somebody is forced to pray..i think what comes out is not a prayer

  4. Well this just shows that the world is how you percieve it to be!
    I think the Monk should enjoy hell and consider himself fortunate to be there, rather than rue for the rest of his Hellish period.
    Thats how a monk with positive attitude would think.
    As it goes for me, you messed it up a bit in the conclusion; but overall a great story.

  5. u wrote it? i didn't know that! hehe.

    and the fact that one couldn't realise that, i think is a compliemnt:) great going!

  6. Monk : I dont think the residents of heaven need me.May be I could transform hell into something better.

  7. Anubhav, that is the crux of the matter. I have been a bit worked up lately because of reservations in all areas of life. That is why I posted this :)

    Vivekanand, yeah I know I messed up the conclusion a bit... but the message has been conveyed (Thank God). The monk must indeed be happy to go to hell.

    Tipsy Topsy, whadda ya mean?? You did not realise that at first?? Oh, thanks!! You made my day...

    Dijas, hmm... thats a big ATTITUDE. :) Keep it up!

  8. Sudipta, sorry missed your comments (I should do something about Yaccs notifying me on old comments or switch back to Blogger comments, I guess). Well, I thought I was at least in two different categories, the GP blogger and the Hilarious one, but I'll leave it to my regulars to anoint me on that :-)

  9. Caught up with the series. Interesting take!

  10. Thennavan, you are right... your regulars can be the best judges. Thanks for dropping by.

    Gratisgab, okie! Thanks!!

  11. profound thoughts...gr8 going! :)


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