Lull before the storm

I am going to go into sleep mode... no more blogging till the end of July... will be appearing for my GRE and I am horribly short of time. I have, therefore, got to go into sleep mode. That will include my not visiting other blogs as well. So everybody who has ever commented on my blog, or is going to... you'll have to wait, friends. And wish me luck!!


  1. all the very best....may u r able to cram the whole barrons in the least possible time and i know u'll come out with flying colors...God bless ...and take care

  2. all the best sir..i am sure u will come out wid flying colors..

  3. Hi Sudipta:

    Saw your comment a little late on my blog. Problem is with the permalink which does not permit Yaccs commenting which is now my default commenting system but for that one would have to go to my main site. I fixed this so that I get notified is people leave Blogger comments. So, next time your comment will not be missed :-)

  4. Hey, all the best to you, sudip...and take care. You'll do good.

  5. hey
    best of luck
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