Travails of getting suddenly fat!

Yeah, in case you've seen me, I don't look the 82-84 kilos the weighing machine always screams at me whenever I stand before it. And if you have, well, it is true. How I managed to gain 14 kilos in 8 months is a long story, but anyway if you think you are lean and thin and need to put on some weight, do get in touch with me. Trust me I am the best person around to tell you that.

How did I manage to do that? Well, to cut a long story short, this is my 11th or 12th year straight out of home, and this food that I have now is the best I've had for some time. And thus, because my monthly budget has increased from 2000/- which mother used to send to me all these years to what my company pays to me (figures withheld, you know) now, I can literally buy and eat things whenever they catch my fancy! Earlier I used to think twice even before I had a cuppa tea, and now going to the local vada-pav wala has become almost routine. And add to that the fact that I don't booze, don't smoke, have no girlfriends to spend the green papers on, ... [whew! I just hope some gal does see that one]... and so I just spend on being merry, which, of course, entails a lot of eating.

The best part of it is my transition from 70 kg in July-end, last year to the present 84 kilos now. And the too-good friends that I have now never shirk in their duty of reminding me that I am fat. When I eat out with them, or even in the canteen, they constantly keep admonishing me not to grab a quick byte. In the auto-rickshaw, I am invariably cursed for taking up so much space even if there is room left. The worst part is, when there is nothing big to discuss, I become the default topic of discussion. Be it the cool AC-ed office in which I work as compared to the 'naturally' airy classrooms, or the office bus picking me and dropping me off right at my doorstep as compared to the huge distances of our hostels from the classrooms, it seems the environment is just right for me to get into the blast mode! Uff... I finally have joined the gym, and if you meet me a month later... ERWWGHGH, I'll wring your neck!


  1. I'm 5'8" and just 54 Kg's.
    Looks like I need some inspiration from people like you.
    Do keep posting your success stories of growing fatter!!!

  2. Hey Vivekanand,

    Thanks for droppping by. I think I am just an inch taller than you. You can definitely look up to me for inspiration!

  3. haha...even i m plannig to lose some flab this vacation....

    btw even i am almost 176 cm and 80 ...

  4. Anubhav, welcome to the club. How were your exams?

  5. Joing a gym doesn't say much Sudipta, be warned ! LOL! My hubby cancelled my gym membership and I found out about it only a month later...that's how frequently I was going. So update us on your progress, else it's all suspect! :)

  6. Naah, gratisgab! I am there daily. The reasons are twofold... first, it is the newfound enthusisasm about joining a gym. More importantly, doing all that workout in the office hours right in the beginning of the day is an added incentive. Will keep posting about things if my weight goes down by even half a kilo! :D

  7. Ya!
    and I'll be posting if I gain some flab!

  8. I have been gymnmming for two and a half months now. havent lost a single gram. but i must add that i dont exercise to lose weight (even though i so seriously need to do that!). Diet control is the only way (doesnt mean crash dieting..just a healthy kinda diet).

    hope u have better luck. (with the gym and a gal)

  9. Vivekanand, will be waiting for that newsflash about you.

    Tipsy topsy, thanks for dropping by. Given my inclination for loooong posts I think you might soon lose some grams on your fingers at least through scrolling :) Anyway I think I see another post coming (from me) about how I fight against myself when I see a cheezy-sizzling pizza! So much for diet control :( And thanks for your good wishes... guess I'll need them a lot.


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