Top 10 ways to get your didi angry

I have been trying to get one of my didis (elder sisters) angry for quite sometime, and she had sworn that she will never get angry with me. So after this long process of big shots and really impish digs at her, these are the top 10 ways I have been able to come up with. Feel free to add to the list...

10. End all top 10 lists with just 9 items.
[hahaha... you just took a peek down, didn't you?! :D]
9. Ask her if she will like a non-veg SMS or mail forward.
8. The ultimate compliment... when she asks if her company is boring, tell her 'Yes'.
7. Tell her that men are always better than women in all respects
6. Do not reply to mails for quite some time or irritate her with blank mails.
5. Look at her and smile at times, until she begins to wonder whats cooking in your head.
4. When she gives a missed call, just tell her by calling her up that she is a 'kanjoos' (miser) and that she is making you call all the time.
3. Contradict all she says, including calling her a nutcase whenever she describes things as sweet or cute or nice.
2. Beg to have a treat from her all the time, but then when you are finally at the restaurant eat very little.
1. When you are finally having something at that restaurant, just for the kicks tell her that you will have more had there been another didi in her place.

There you go.... and I can give you proof that it works. In one case, when the last method was tried out, to say that she went bellicose would be a polite understatement. Please add to this pool of resources freely.


  1. Phatichar, I think your comment in the last post was about where I've been and why I haven't posted these days. Well, actually right now my mom has come over to my place for a week, and this experience is becoming too much bloggable. Will write some day about it.

    BTW, please post your comments on this

  2. If she's decided not to get irritated, she probably won't and will laugh even more at your efforts!

  3. Life without Lists is like a day without fighting with your Sibling!Too Boring!Make sure u dont let her see this blog!

  4. Didis need a reason to get angry? This is new! :)

  5. Oh boy, your sis is mad at you, isn't she? ;)

    Next post, please. :)

  6. guess ur didi is not blogging eh??

    back after a long break?/

  7. Anumita, my sister was actually pretty much amused until I did the last thing in the list. It wasn't so funny after that.

    Ramchi, I think she has already seen this one, and will be writing a mail to me very soon or at best calling up on STD rates and shout at me. But well, under the protection that she will not be angry with me, I am safe :)

    Phatichar, typically sisters do invent reasons to get mad at you, but they cool down as fast. I think I already know what she'll be saying for this piece of blog. "Very sweet", and that is the sum of everything she ever says about me.

    Anubhav, my didi does not have time to blog :)) and she flames me on mail if things go a little too off the mark. Back after a long break? Yeah. Because my mom was here and a looong post is coming up about that visit.

  8. The title delighted me. some inputs:

    * make all kinds of sweet sounds and pull her cheeks
    * tell her it is her fault that she is unwell
    * immitate her

    etc etc

  9. Hey, Hands just suggested to me on the phone that I could also tell her "Wrong Number" when she calls up. Thanks for the tip!

    Tipsy topsy, trying any of those except imitating her will be another case of "Aa bael mujhe maar". Anyway the above ways are invariably for inviting trouble... and so your suggestions will be tested out soon, I promise!

  10. I don't have an elder sister..
    thinking where else i can use the tips ;-)
    came here through anubhav's blog..nice one :-)

  11. Beautiful Mind,

    A formal hello to you and thanks for dropping by. I'd suggest that you can use the tips on any girl you want to irritate... right from sisters to girlfriends to nieces to all. Thanks for the compliment, anyway :)

  12. hello to you too sudipta :-)
    i want some tips to irritate my younger brother ;-)

  13. One way which always gets my sister mad at me is...Picking up the call, and going "Hello??hello??" for a considerably long time...and then when she comes to know u are fooling around, imitate those taped BSNL/MTNL msgs...All lines in this route are busy. Please dial after sometime. OR The number you are tryin to call is currently unavailable.Please call later.

    And if u remember anything from ur stay in gujarat...they have absolutely adorable and irritating voice response syste,..may be a few lines from that wud add to befuddledment :-p

  14. Take her out..Buy her a diet coke and get urself a regular one...

  15. Beautiful mind, younger bros are irritated if you call them younger, and by nothing else.

    Ellie, advice taken. I think I can talk the talk. But it depends on whether the call is STD or not.

    Dijas, Great idea!! Thanks. Oh, BTW, thanks for dropping by as well.

  16. my didi wud REALLY kick me outa my house if i listen to u!!!


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