The monk who was to go to heaven

A hermit was dead. What had killed the sadhu was not clear, and nobody was anyone interested in it. For all the villages around his cave, he was THE MAN. He did not do any miracles, he was just a good person at heart, listened to theier woes, gave them good advice and lived and talked about God. His death was just his discarding of this body and leaving for heaven.

Now the hermit had done all the good things you could possibly imagine, as I told you before. He thought he had a sureshot berth in heaven. He was already licking his lips in anticipation. However, when he reached God, there was a long queue. Being a monk, he patiently waited until his turn came up.

God: So, my man, there you are... let me look at your files.
[The hermit was already smiling, he knew that he had done evrything perfect]

God: Ahh... discourses, teachings and preachings, all 108 holy places visited on foot! Great!!

Hermit: Thank you, O Lord! I feel blessed.

God: Good, and I also find a lot of prayers for you by other people, you actually harmonised a community!

Hermit: My Lord, it was all by your grace. So can I go into heaven now?

God: [Smiling benignly] Unfortunately, son, that is not possible.

Hermit: [Taken aback] Bbbbbut, why???

God: [Smiling benignly again] Son, I have some other issues to address. See, there is a 30% reservation for people who have been born in the villages. Take a look at this list.

[The hermit is a noble man, and so he does not argue]
Hermit: Thats ok, sire... and as I look through this list, I can see people who have not even given a single discourse ever in their lives!! At least they too have a chance, good. Umm.. ok, no problem. So am I in the other 70%?

God: [Smiling benignly, as ever] Oh no, son, because I have already promised another 30% to everyone who has a surname of "Whatever". Now, as you can see, for the 300 seats, we already have 301 applications.

[The hermit has his chances thinned, but still trusts God and his wise judgement]
Hermit: That will not be a problem, sire. Oh, in that list I can see people who never went to a holy place. I can understand that the infirm must also be given an opportunity. Your good grace must consider me for the rest of the 40%, then?

[An eager smile on the hermit's face meets these words from God]
God: [sighhh] I wish, son, that that were true. However, I promised 10% to three angels who have important positions. You see, they make others pray to me and thus I maintain my presence on the earth. If necessary, they even strike with rain and thunder and tell those earthlings what they are challenging! I don't remember them telling a good word to anybody. [Grinnning] But well, there you can see them in a distance...

[The hermit looked at the far end and saw three people claded in gold]
Hermit: Oh yes, I do see! So I am left with 10%. But sir, among the 100 seats that you have left, I find about 9999 applications. How will you manage them?

God: Ahh, that finally brings me to the problem. Tell me, after all this, can't you sacrifice your place for other underprivileged brethren of yours?

[The hermit is lost in deep thought. After a while his face brightens up and he says something]

My question is, what will you say now, if you are there in his place?


  1. It seems like an atitude test for the Hermit.
    I guess I'd allow God to send others to heaven, while sacrificing my berth, I'd be displaying selflessnes, which would automatically win me a place in heaven.

  2. I think I will take ur place. thank u.

  3. D4U, thanks for dropping by to you, too!

    Vivekanand, therein lies the fallacy of the entire scheme. This is not a test. The post rather relates to something else closer to our lives. Read the concluding part and tehn tell me.

  4. Tipsy Topsy, that is closer to the answer I had in mind.


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