Militants show their true colours

When you are proud to kill someone, you must be very much convinced that the person is a threat to the world and does not deserve to exist. You must also be 'dead sure' (whatever formed the term), that you are on the path of righteousness! What, then, is the motivation behind the burnings and bomb threats to the Indo-Pak buses? Are you sure that there must always be an ongoing war between the two nations? Are you sure that that is what you want, Mr. Terrorist?

Look how they have been exposed. They call themselves the fighters for the Kashmiri people, and yet don't think twice before burning up their houses, killing their children and blasting away kinsfolk. Fie on you, O self-styled moral police, because the average school kid has more understanding than you do and will not kill just for fun! If you are fighting for peace, how do you think you will usher in that by doing demolishing the roads to peace... Peace that has been asked for by the people, for the people and perhaps, of the people???


  1. Another irony is that they call their struggle as 'jehad'...which actaully according to their religion is a fight with your own self to change for the better..

    Islam is one most peaceful religions..It doesnt support violence at all...still they try to prove themselves spiritually correct.

    I read this in TOI ...really liked it ..

    " I broke the sword and forged sickles out of it" -Nund Reshi kasmiri poet.

    I think things are changing in the valley..Indo -Pak realtions are moving in the right direction.. though the deaths continue..i feel if militants dont get external support ...their strength will diminish


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