The joys of moderating a group

Yeah, in case you did not know this, I am the creator-owner-moderator of a Yahoo group. And that is simple fun. You don't like somebody, you just chuck him out of the group! You don't like a poll that is not going the way you like, you simply go ahead and delete or close it. Hee hee... and you are respected for being the Big Brother out there.

Well, I just had to do it for putting an end to the 'nice' polls that were being hosted on the group. And it makes me feel how good it is to be on the censor board of films!! You see all, but then recommend snip-snaps for all the scenes which got you going!! Similar experiences, I am told, can be had by people who are co-ordinating committee members, project managers, Visa officers and bulletin board moderators. Ain't that fun?


  1. Hi!
    thanks for visiting.. :)
    Did u really read all my posts i.e from the 1.5 years that I have been blogging? thanks!!

    BTW I dont quite agree with what you have mentioned here about yahoogroups.. I am a moderator/owner of several such groups and what you have described sounds quite unethical ! "You don't like somebody, you just chuck him out of the group!"

  2. Nahi re!! Was just in a mood to let the devil in me bare HIS fangs for once! Anyway thanks for dropping by.

    Oh, BTW, I did not read all your posts... read at least those for the current month.

    Havew sync'ed your blog for my daily RSS update on Thunderbird. Keep flaming! :)

  3. Seriously diseased.. by what amod calls PDS.. power demonstrating syndrome... !

  4. Hee hee hee :))

    Now, don't I seem psycho?


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