India bow out before Pakistan

Oh yes, cricket.... it is just one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Right from the time when Shaheed Afridi was 'bat'-tering anything that came within his reach, the body language had changed (or should I say, drooped?). And I must quote Javagal Srinath when he says that the Indian bowlers looked keen on saving runs than on taking wickets. I am sure the Ganguly faction is a teeny-weeny bit happy that the team is not performing without Ganguly, but I do personally think that his presence would have made no big difference. Maybe we would have lost the precious 33 runs of Dinesh Mongia as well.

Ah... for sometime, no cricket, no bak-bak, no wasting my time on Saturday-Sundays... it feels good for a change, doesn't it?


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