How I was a lunatic for a day

Sometimes, amidst all the hustle-bustle of our lives, we miss the real fun of laughing really hard, and playing the insane person. Well, I decided that it was high time I got back to the basics and yesterday was such a day.

Once I was back from office, that too a special two-hour-early, I spent my time reading some material, glaring at the TV, et al. The mood started when friends came home. I just remembered a prank I had played on some others a day before, and laughed. As you can imagine, everyone looked at me in a mused-foxed-incredulous-ridiculous way. Ahh... that was the chance! Much to the chargin of the room-folk, I started laughing (read blaring) again! Since our beds are on the floor, I had no problems givin them a demo of the ROTFL posture!! (That was "Rolling On The Floor Laughing", for the uninitiated). Soon enough, their faces changed rapidly from amused to foxed to he-lost-his-balls kind of. Hee hee, I am sure that performance would have given Arshad Warsi a run for his money!

And that set me all the more laughing. I mean, sometimes when you are in a flow, you simply laugh because you find yourself laughing! But my... the climax came in when it became infectious. Somebody quipped about how much money they could make if they opened a zoo with me as the sole display, and he started laughing. I believe, because the decibel levels were already quite high, the other two missed the joke (PJ??). They thought that the others had joined the party, and thought of having a laugh at our expense. Soon enough, it was a model laughing club in the house.

To add to the pandemodium, I brought in a pair of sunglasses, (yeah, in the middle of the night), and started doing a disco-bhangra (a.k.a. my Hrithik Roshan style), and singing some crude version of "kissi disco mein jaaye". You should have been there to know how people can jeer and cheer a 84-kilo half-naked person wearing sunglasses doing that at 11:30 in the night. Anyone insane would have returned back to sanity as soon as he saw that he is not even close to the chaos we were causing.

Huff... I became tired. After all, 8 long hours in front of a comp takes its toll sometime. Anyway the hub died down once cricket highlights of the series came on the TV (yeah, that definitely takes the higher priority). Whew! Finally I was off to sleep, still going into fits of hee-haw at times and my roomie swearing to nail me alive if I messed his sleep any longer.


  1. talk about lunatic u gotta a post that will make u go wild

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  3. sudipta ur blogs are so very close to life ....

    i really cant recall last time i was ROTFL...

    anyways .. i hope u have more such lunatic days oops nights i guess..

    and have lots of fun..

  4. Talk of doing in(s)ane and your own juniors can give you a run for your money...

    go check this out..i know it might seem like i'm promoting my blog or whatever.. but am sure after you read this you'll realise how "creative" your juniors are!!

    href ="" HERE

    P.S. Still can't fathom you wearing dark sunglasses and dancing to kisi disco mein jaayein!!!

  5. And your juniors are so lousy when it comes to HTML!! :))

  6. Hey, Vampire, saw your post, and I think that one refers more to the werewolves fantasy than the theme of 'looning about'. Anyway thanks for dropping by.

    Anubhav, as always, your comments make me feel great! Anyhow I can't see why someone misses the ROTFL thingy in college. Guess your exams are too close for comfort, are they?

    And Mr. Nikhil, (oops, did I just forget to say the quirky murmur?)... I have to admit that it was that particular post of your that made me bookmark your blog into my RSS feeds. Keep 'em coming!


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