Modi denied a US Visa

Before I denounce or welcome it, I will reason it out... and then lets decide if the action is good or not, at least according to me.

First, the facts: It is popular belief that this man had indeed abetted the crimes, not by active participation, but by failing to (or shall we say not trying to) curb the riots, and not nipping these conflagrations in the bud! He is definitely detestable on that count... and perhaps on many more counts! But the point is that it is "POPULAR BELIEF"

When he applied for the Visa, he was denied one, or rather both the tourist as well as the diplomatic were denied! Now, even if we assume that he had really no diplomatic business there, he could have been easily denied a tourist visa as well on some or the other pretext! Not, specifically, at least, "Violation of religious freedom".

What this turns out to be is an assumption of power which no-one has granted them at any time. Has Mr. Modi been tried in India? Has he been convicted by any tribunal? Any report? Has that got any official status? Who the hell are you then, Mr. Big Brother, to decide who is good and who is bad? Who are you to mete out your suitable judgements? Who appointed you the post of the world police?

I do not say that the US has no rights to deny him a Visa. They have every right! But the better option would have been denying on some ground that was proved. For God's sake, they could have just said that he smells bad! Or that they fear about his security and therefore are not very keen on granting a Visa! But if they pronounce a judgement just like that, without trial, without any solid proof, and without any authority to pronounce such judgement, and we accept that without a voice, we are virtually accepting them to be the supremos! This really is beginning to turn out like the war and the search for the Weapons of Mass Destruction! No proof, no justification... I shoot you just because I don't like you and you either turn over your pockets to me or I will send your pieces into the drain! Sounds like an alleyman's threat? It is so... it is simple arm-twisting!

What is more surprising is that the government simply asked them to reconsider their decision! It is yet the history in repitition... divide and rule! The Congress government does not do a full-throated protest because that will get some brownie points for the BJP... not many people crackled over the attack on Iraq because everyone wanted a peace (read piece) of the booty! As long as we do not unite in protest, there is no way out!

Personally, I do not think that Mr. Modi is not guilty! I do support that he should not be given a Visa. But not on the grounds shown just now... right now quoting security reasons will be a better thing to do. He is guilty, guilty as bloody hell! But you are not the man to pronounce judgement... we in India can do that. After we do, you are welcome to curse him as nicely as you like... we will join the choir.


  1. well would like comment on your remarks that mr modi have not been tried /reported or enquired by any govt agency so he is techncally innocent!!!!

    but that dose'nt mean he was not involved actively or passvely in killing of minorities in gujrat. after watching one vedio where he categorically says during pollitical propagands that he will not help out minorities in setting up releif camps otherwise they would multiply??!!!

  2. We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.
    Please visit MODI360.COM to review and sign this petition.


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