India wins, in spite of Bucknor!

What can you say about an umpire who is standing in his 100th test match? That it is unprecedented? That he must be the best? And that he enjoys his work?

Well, some things are never healed. At least, if India had gone on to lose this test match, I would have voted him to be the culprit. I mean, you could make a horse case its tail in the gap that was there between Tendulkar's bat and the ball. I belive a fine of the match fee for teh umpire as well can be implemented atleast to bring back credibility in them. But since we have won, hee-hee... all is well that ends well. Frankly, I expected something of a 3-0 whitewash considering the relative team strengths. Anyway, I think we can settle for 2-0 as well.


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