How the police can help gang wars... USA style

They call themselves the self-appointed police of the world, the peace-keepers, the big-brothers of the entire globe. Oh yes, you guessed it right --- USA; the people who must poke their nose into everything and get a piece of the pie everywhere.

Look at this post from the rediff site:

I cannot agree any more with them when they say,

"lovely easter gift to india from the US.

moral: proliferate nukes, threaten US interests everywhere, be terror hub, and get rewarded for it. this has been north korea's experience, china's experience, saudi arabia's experience, and pakistan's experience.

suck up to the US, desperately crave its goodwill, allow its odious conversion machine to dictate terms to you, and get slapped on the face. this is india's experience.

simple solution for india: proliferate nuke and missile technology to anybody who wants it, especially taiwan and japan. this will immediately get american respect, much as pokhran-ii did."

Now, what exact purpose is going to be served by selling F-16s to Pakistan and F-18s to India? I am sure tomorrow Pakistan will want to buy F-18s, and then India will be moving on to warships, dot dot dot... the story goes on.

What America is basically trying to do is to create more and more problems for everybody. They are not happy if there is peace... who will pay any heed to them, then? They want an arms race, they want to be the arbiter in all disputes, and thus create disputes if none exist. At a time when the relations between the two neighbours are sweetening up, they must trigger the aura of suspicion, and thus sit tight on the heads of both nations. Dear friends in Pakistan, can we count on you to refuse the offer? To show solidarity when the fox is going to eat the cake while two monkeys fight?


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