Sorry girls, this one's taken

Yes it is true. This truly spectacular brilliant eligible bachelor has been snapped up by one lucky lady. She had to pay big bribes for the deal, of course. And had to meet all my demands of dowry (in fact she volunteered extra!). And agreed to show me one new Bharatnatyam pose every morning. Has also agreed to .... hehehe - okay okay I'm kidding: the Bharatnatyam is a lie. The story isn't.:) So all of you who were hoping to catch this ossum handsome gentleman for yourselves.. sorry honey, this one's taken. But hey, if you are still desperate, we can all still go to Dubai! :P

So lets get a few obvious questions out of the way. The person I am marrying is a girl, yes - you perverts! The answer to most important gossip question: yup, it is an arranged marriage. Although, as some people prefer to call it these days, "We met through our parents". The process (as in, from the day I first seriously started looking to the day the deed was signed) took about one and a half years. And yes I am pretty confident that whoever I have met is THE one: I wouldn't be taking this step if I weren't sure.

Now on to the fun questions :) She is actually aware of this blog, yes. And well, she does not quite fit all the things I wanted in my wife: "Zaroorat hai, zaroorat hai". We're working on those. And in spite of me not being good "boyfriend or husband material", she has kindly agreed to take up the challenge nonetheless. Somehow she is convinced that there is still hope for mankind. Had it not been for such optimists, well, what would we bloggers ever do? :D

So in the future, you can look forward to posts about what made me go in for an arranged marriage, what were experiences in meeting the different girls, what did I want in someone who I would call my partner for life, and the how did I get to finally decide and convince myself if she is the One. Perhaps most importantly, and the first question to be answered in my next post, when and how did I know that I wanted to get married? Relax Neo, the answers are coming. :)


  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you, Sudipta!

    Happy married life! :)

  2. Congratulations Sudipta!! All the best for the new journey and adventures!

    If I may point out: a "politically correct" statement would be: Sorry girls and boys, this one's taken. There might be some boys that might be interested in you, you never know! :P

    And if I can make a politically incorrect statement myself: you are the first bong I know that is going for an arranged marriage. It's like meeting a vegetarian bong (I have met one of those too!). So I guess I am looking forward to your post elaborating more on the reason behind your decision for arranged marriage.

    Again all the best! Glad you found someone to share your life with...

  3. Long time reader of your blog. Got mesmerised by the flow and the words you choose. It was always a delight to read your posts. Delurked to congratulate you. Best wishes!

  4. Hari, like a lot of my other posts, you are the first to comment! Thanks :)

    Ricercar, thanks! :)

    Richa, ah yes, given the amount of attention I used to receive in Yahoo chat rooms, I would say that makes sense too! And first bong going for an arranged marriage among your acquaintances? Wow... I am proud of all Bengalis (including myself) right now! :)

    Malathy, thank you so much! You made my day :)

  5. wow!Congratulations...can we have a guest post from the lucky lady?:)

  6. Shrinidhi, thanks! :)

    Vidya, hehehe... lets see :) Thanks, btw!

  7. Congrats Sudipta...It almost feels like as if a friend is getting married..I am happy for you and yes the girl is very lucky to get such a nice guy...

  8. Hey, that's spectacular news. Congratulations!! :)

  9. First of all Congratulations..

    I hopped skipped and tumbled into your blog.. I like it... Awaiting to hear more about your arranged marriage experience..

  10. helloo...long time reader here...just wanted to wish you Congratulations! :)

    im going through the whole arranged marriage as well and am quite interested in hearing your opinion of things...

    best wishes for ur married life! :)

  11. Manasa, yep, finally! :)

    Maddy, welcome onboard! (Umm... have you been here before? If so, you are welcome nonetheless :) ). And thanks for compliment, as always :)

    Alice, spectacular indeed :)

    Aniruddha, thanks, mate!

    Sonia, hey welcome onboard! Whether you tumbled onto this blog or were forced to read it at gunpoint, thanks for visiting and welcome aboard! :) Will be writing more on the topic soon.

    Sunshine, oh cool - yeah we sure should have more to share down the line :)

  12. darn sudipta - so many hearts you must have broken ;) can't wait for your arranged marriage experiences to appear here. congratulations!

  13. congrats sudipta! when's the shaadi? await the romantic stories...

  14. Mala, I know - the sale of tissues and handkerchiefs spiked the day I posted this. :) Thank you, nonetheless :)

    Anumita, hoyega hoyega... wait and watch. :)

  15. Sudipta congrats 1st of all......waiting for ur posts arrange marriage's so called sure many freshers must be awaiting that article!!!!

  16. Shagufta, thanks! Freshers?! Hehehe... almosts sounds like I am conducting a free training/orientation session. :)


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