Ripley's Believe It Or Not -- I passed the AGRE :)

Yes, dear readers, I got my AGRE scores today. Got a 740 out of 900 (I think), which is in the 54th percentile of the test-takers. In case you are confused with the figures, this is a mediocre score, neither a good one nor a bad one. Consequently, this neither boosts nor defiles my profile.

Now, how do I feel? Imagine you jumped off a diving board into a swimming pool full off people. You are stuck upside down, can't get straight, can't go further down. The only thing you can thank God for is that your nose is still quite further away from the water. I feel exactly like that now... scores neither good enough to clinch something, still knawing at me for those 150$, and and they are not bad as well. Will send 6 more application packets within Monday, and then wait and watch.

By the way, some more good news coming up from my side, including a post about a particular girl. That got you interested, didn' t it? :)


  1. Interested? Competition always irritated the shit out of me. Hey, can't you concentrate on your job/acads and not be distracted with these ladkiyaan? Why do you wanna screw up your career? Just a piece of advice. he he.

  2. Sunshine, COMPETITION?? :)) And don't worry, she is not exactly on the top of my priorities list nowadays ;)

  3. Congrats, Sudipta!
    I don't understand what the score means, as I'm not into GRE and AGRE :)
    Any way hope it gets you where you want to go!!!

  4. dudette, are you from KJ somaiya college ??!?!?

    kindly put this info in ur profile! its difficult to track whos who...! :S


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