Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

Arumoy is getting married. Arumoy, who?? Well, my classmate at my college, someone with whom I spent the last 3-4 PLs before the semester exams in his hostel room. We were supposed to be studying together, and we did that. Besides, we also played Age of Empires, discussed cracking root passwords, spoofing email, had mock interviews for placements, made Winamp playlists... and the list goes on. Most importantly, he was the person who had put in his all at stake for me, his reputation, his friends, etc. when I was contesting for becoming the General Secretary (GS) of the college. Ask him, anytime, about me and a toss of a coin, and notice his reaction :)

Now, this post is not about how I am going to miss him, etc. Rather, this is about what is so special about him that I stop my GRE, PhD university application process midway and drop by at his wedding, even just for a day. There are some people who you connect to instantly, and can almost feel what his next reaction, move will be. Arumoy is one of those people. One of those people who did not crib about me not doing what everyone else did, one of those people who did not lecture to me unnecesarily about anything at all. Someone who has the strength to stand up and fight for you when your chips are down. Someone who you can depend upon and turn to for advice when you feel lost. Arumoy is also someone, who does not take you into your the college football team just because you are his friend, and tells you honestly where you can improve your game to get a berth. Therefore, Arumoy is special, and therefore, I pray to lord that he may live the proverbial "happily ever after" life.

Ok, after all the senti, this is why I hate his getting married: I have to do away with a full-Sunday sleeping fest tomorrow and roam around at Hyderabad. The next time I call him on his cell, I cannot blast off into a 5-minute choicest-expletives-shouting-contest without even listening to who is on the other side. Most importantly, my family now has a new excuse to ask me to look for a bride, quoting his example every now and then.


  1. Yet another seemingly eligible bachelor gets married! And another one is on his way into being bulldozed!! Naah, I am not a misogamist, it's just that I get cold feet everytime I think of marriage. But why don't you be an optimist? Just think of this, a few years down the line, there would be a bunch of kids calling you, chacha ji, chacha ji!!

  2. yeah, you'd better get that GRE cracking! noyto we shall have another bachelor kissing his staghood goodbye...;)

    marriage gives everybody the cold feet, doesn't it?

  3. Sunshine, 'seemingly eligible bachelor'?? THE Eligible Bachelor, lady!! Alpha team, one man down. No problem, main hoon na!

    About the chachaji-chachaji stuff, Sholay mein issi chakkar mein Big B ne upar se appointment le liya tha... mujhe courier karne ki kya jaldi hai?

    Rimi, first of all an official "welcome to this place". Trust me, I don't plan to kiss the staghood a goodbye so soon.

    Cold feet? You should have seen Arumoy rushing into the Mandap ;)

  4. Sudipta I can well understand your situation.Infact am almost myself placed in a similar position--my sis got married this month and my life has become miserable at home with my mom always looking out similar boys for me...well dear part of life i guess... :)

  5. oindrilla, yeah, part of life all right. I got a great idea to avoid the predicament, though. Tell people that you have already picked your man, and then watch the proceedings ;)

  6. Great tribute to a friend. But I must say that a Happy Married life is an oxymoron :-) Still, wishes from my side :-)

  7. Manish, an oxymoron? :)

    We shall see... waise hum jaise dost jab tak hain kisi ki life boring to kamse kam nahi hone denge :)

  8. another one bites the dust - suddenly everywhere people are getting married :)

    Your friend sounds very nice. I specially loved this bit: 'Arumoy is also someone, who does not take you into your the college football team just because you are his friend, and tells you honestly where you can improve your game to get a berth'

    Its great to have good friends. Its scary, the night before, bcz you know this will mean a change in ur friendship yet u are not sure how and ur a bit embarressed abt it. I remember when the first of my friends was getting married i cried at night in the kitchen. her mom woke up and came to chk and we sat and sobbed together and then we laughed at eachother and went back to sleep. but you know what, the best people and the best friendships adapt to the change and springs back like rubber :)

    here's to your wishes for ur friends marraige coming true. :)

  9. Prerona, bites the dust, eh? So you claim that your husband can easily pass off as a clay model anywhere? Just kidding ;)

    Naah.. there is no change in our friendship. But yes, I have to be a little more... shall we say, cautious. But hey! you got a great mother-in-law. You indeed seem lucky, in the sense that someone else would have expressed concern, and taken extra care, etc. But she actually cheered you up after having her share of the sobbing ;) More like your own mother, I guess.

    Keep coming here...

  10. Hi Sudipta..
    that was very nice of you..
    thanks for those kind words ...
    thanks again.....
    momento......for a great bachelorhood...
    Thanks again....

  11. Arumoy,

    Ek kunwaraa.. phir gaya maara..

    Phas gaya dekho... ye bechara


    Ok, compliments taken. Unfortunately, I could not gorge on the sumptuous feast at your wedding. Don't worry... I'll make up for that on my next visit. ;)

    P.S.- Welcome aboard!! I didn't know that you too read my blog :)


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