Sack Sourav Ganguly, and throw the baby out with the bathwater

This is the best equivocal comment I can manage; read on...

How would it sound if I called your mother an old haggard waiting to kick the bucket, when she is really ill and has the signs of age telling upon her? How would it sound if I told you that your father is the worst bacchanalian creature to have crossed the earth when he returns home one day from work, very late and very drunk? Will you feel bad? Will it tell upon your daily work? Will you not want to slap me? YES!! Is it? Then consider this ---

What did the Indian team lack before that it has now? If you can be impartial, you'd admit that it was the aggression, the fire that was lacking. If there has been one man who has been able to integrate the team into a really rocking team, if there has been one man who has been able to take the reins in his own hands and then mould a team from one of many stars but zero unity to one of full-throated strength and unity, it has been Sourav Ganguly. He has been the one who has brought about the rebirth of the team, the rebirth of a new class of world-beaters. Today when he flounders, you come there and spit on him?? Is that the way you find best? Can't you write encouragement for him? Can't you put up a banner that says, "Ganguly, we are with you. Come up and show the world"


The Indian team must be the strongest side in the world. Thinking of Australia? Hey! They play with 11 players... we do with just 10! Of course, just ten. The amount of runs Sourav Ganguly contributes with the bat is never enough, not even as much as the Extras. How can a team fight against any other with a psychological disadvantage right from the start? Which general has won a war where he has been the first one to have skimpered off?

Ha! You talk of records? Take a look at all the contemporary captains. We have been bearing you out all these days, letting you time to get back to form while the likes of Sehwag and Dravid do the bulk of the scoring. How much more time do you want? Are you in a mood to finish off your 10,000 runs by the end of your career or not?

Come up, Ganguly! Let your bat do the talking, not your lips...


  1. yo sudipta..i second ur comments!!

    1st things 1st..thnx for visiting my blog and liking the poetry....seth's an alltime fav...u r the 1st female fellow blogger to visit me :-)
    and i cant tell u how glad i m to see at least someone talkin in dada's favour...i totally agree....the whole team performs coz of one man....and then they lash out on him!!totally unfair....he's a born leader yaar....i know tht if noone at least our selectors do realize it!!
    he's the best captain we hv ever had and can ever a big fan of ganguly too!!bye for now

  2. If my guess is right...which is true in most of the cases.. u r a fellow comp engineer from the 'hollowed portals' of NIT, Sriram's junior BTW, guess we knew each other well...

    Nice to see you blogging,we have a nacsent blogging community in NITS going..

    And NEO thought you are a female!!

    (Hoping my guess turns out to be right!!)


  3. Neo,

    Thanks for your comments as well. I have a spoilsport for your enthu, however... I'm male. Anyway, the poetry was nice.


  4. Nikhil, you're right!! Will see your blog and tell you


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