How to kill a man, softly.... Harbhajan Singh

Deep within the recesses of our mind are some fears... some deep-set fears about our self, or rather the image that we hold so dear to us as our own self. We dread those moments when our own identity is at stake, our own existence is at stake, and when you overcome this fear... you are the winner!

What if I was asked to tell someone constantly that he is no good! You hammer that into his brain, so that every waking moment of his, he is reminded that he is impure, and that he is a living burden on the face of the earth? As far as I know, he will be shattered. And that is precisely what the ICC is doing!

Even after being cleared by an official panel of ICC judges who pronounced him NOT GUILTY, some people still have their doubts... meaning they are above the ICC! These people cannot bear to see someone beating them at their own game, and so instead of fighting an even battle, they are trying to do it the other way. The next time Harbhajan steps into the field to bowl, he will be aware of being under the scanner. Have you ever felt awkward when you were taking an exam and the invigilator was there, right behind you, standing and reading your copy? You could not do it well, remember? That happens here as well, the only difference being that if the invigilator gets a sniff of your text being bad, you are going to be expelled from school.

If you are not sure of yourself, you, the Big boys at ICC can quit! We know how to run the job better than you do! Anyway you are there because we are your revenue capital! So if you cannot be fair to all, please stop playing the grand-nanny sissying over all those who complain because they are not as good as the others!


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